Compression Garments




eWellness offers a variety of compression garments for people with lymphedema, venous conditions, and other forms of swelling or edema. We carry the most trusted brands from BSN-Jobst and Juzo including socks, stockings, arm sleeves, gloves and gauntlets.

Compression garments reduce swelling, improve circulation and support weakened veins, thereby making compression garments essential not only for those with a medical diagnosis, but for people who also sit or stand for long periods of time, are pregnant or travel frequently.

Health conditions, lifestyle habits, heredity, injury,

surgery, age, and pregnancy all play a role. While you are unable to control heredity, age, surgery and changes during pregnancy, you can improve lifestyle factors through exercise, good posture, avoiding inactivity, choosing good fitting clothing and footwear, and wearing gradient compression garments that are right for you.