Circaid Reduction Kit, Lower Leg

Circaid Reduction Kit, Lower Leg

The NEW and INNOVATIVE CircAid® Lower Leg Reduction Kit provides the best possible care during the initial "intensive phase" of Lymphedema treatment

Effective compression starts with knowhow and creativity and the New and Innovative CircAid® Lower Leg Reduction Kit combines over 100 years of combined experience to bring a unique treatment application during the early "intensive phase" of Lymphedema treatment. Designed with patient engagement in mind, the CircAid® Lower Leg Reduction Kit anticipates improved clinical outcomes as a result of better patient understanding and compliance.

The unique component approach of the kit allows you to build the solution that you need. Components can be mixed to create the ideal solution for promoting decongestion and fostering patient participation from the beginning. As patient treatment progresses, adjustments can be made to further the customization of the kit as needed. May be used in conjunction with any of the other CircAid Power Added Compresion (PAC) Band (sold separately) for added foot compression.

  • Inspired by freedom - created for the patient
  • Customize in the clinic and adjust as needed during treatment
  • Patients are able to easily don and doff kit components and adjust to the desired compression levels along with edema reduction
  • Greater patient freedom results in better compliance and results
  • Built-in-Tension (BTS) guide card provides targeted compression ranges for improved results
  • Machine washable
  • The CircaidLower Leg Reduction Kit includes 1 reduction lower leg component, 1 reduction kit leg undersleeve, 1 reduction kit shelf strap, 6 Velcro® stays, 1 BTS guide card, 1 paper measuring tape and 1 set of directions for use


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